Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Please support the Goldmine

I hope everyone had a great summer, ours was far too hot for my liking. Ebi-kun started back at yochien today and will be back full time next week so I am slowly trying to catch up. Thank you for all the awards, submissions and messages, I do read and appreciate all of them, I am sorry if I haven't had chance to get back to you, sadly there aren't enough hours in the day.

As most of you know I am a WAHM and I started the Montessori Goldmine because of my passion of the Montessori theory and the community spirit that goes with it, sadly it doesn't pay the bills. I do have an Etsy shop and so if you are looking for cute Japanese fabric, sewing patterns or handmade goods and toys then please head over and do a bit of shopping, every little bit that you spend there helps me to be able to keep the Goldmine up and running. I have just re-stocked so it is full to busting with lovely Japanese cottons and linens. If you have any friends that are into sewing please send them my way, I really do appreciate it.

I also have Montessori downloads available here

If you have your own shop and are looking for somewhere to advertise then my rates are very reasonable, I would much prefer to support small 'ma and pa' type companies with a similar philosophy to my own than big money grabbing companies. If you are interested, drop me a line

Hopefully I will have the regular posts up and running again next week, if you have submitted an idea then it will be featured soon.

Thank you for all your support over the last few months, starting this blog has introduced me to many great new bloggers and wonderful families.

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  1. I so love your etsy shop, I am glad I found you through my own blog. I can't wait to buy some fabric!


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