Why did you set up The Montessori Goldmine?
Many of us are pressed for time and over the last couple of years, The Crafty Crow and One Pretty Thing have become two of my favourite blogs, I can pop over have a quick look at all the great things going on in the blogging world, bookmark the projects I like, then move on and do other things, for me they are both great time savers. So, I began thinking that there really should be a Montessori version, I dread to think how many hours I have wasted wading through numerous blogs trying to find just the right information.
When we started our Montessori journey there weren't that many blogs out there but now they are popping up all over, which is great, sharing our information and ideas can only make it a better place and I hope that those new to Montessori will have it a bit easier than I did myself.

Why did you choose this format?
Ha, well, this called have been entitled 'Why did it take you so long?' I tried several times to set up the goldmine and it took a lot of juggling and switching around before I could find a formula that works for me. It has to be in a time efficient format and I wanted it to be clear and easy to navigate, I am happy with it right now, but you never know, it may change in the future.

How can I get my blog featured?
Drop me an email with the word SUBMISSION in the title line, please send me the link to the specific post or if you know of a blog that has never been featured, drop me a line about that too and it doesn't have to be an English language blog, I am more than happy to feature blogs from around the world.

Why have you included sites/blogs that are not in English?
Well, I know from my other blog that I get visitors from all over the world, many of which are using English as a second language and often when I follow comments back to their blog I find a great pictures and interesting blogs even though I can't always understand the text. Often you can get some great ideas about presentations or how to use materials by just looking at the pictures, Google translate can help if you really want to understand what is going on, or leave a comment of the blog, you never know, you may have a language in common! I hope that by including non English blogs that a truly international Montessori community can be created.

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