Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Are you studying Africa?

We are and my son loves flags so I made a set of African flag 3 part cards plus matching
flags to go with the puzzle maps, if you would like a set, they are available here

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Tuesday, 15 June 2010

A Montessori Poem

I have seen this on several blogs over the years and love it, so I am posting it on here for those who have yet to see it....

Today I did my math and science.
I toasted bread, halved and quartered, counted, measured, and used my eyes, ears and hands.
I added and subtracted on the way.
I used magnets, blocks and memory tray.
I learned about a rainbow and how to weigh.
So please don't say -


You see, I'm sharing as I play, to learn to listen and speak clearly when I talk
to wait my turn and when inside to walk.
To put my words into a phrase, to find my name and write it down.
To do it with a smile and not to frown, to put my pasting brush away.
So please don't say -


I learned about a snail and a worm.
Remembered how to take my turn.
Helped a friend when he was stuck.
Learned that water runs off a duck.
Looked at words from left to right.
Agreed to differ, not to fight.
So please don't say -


Yes, I played the whole day through.
I played to learn the things I do,
I speak a problem, find a clue and work out for myself just what to do.
My teachers set the scene, and stay near-by to help me when I really try.
They are there to pose the problems, and to help me think.
I hope they will keep me floating and never let me sink. All of this is in my head and not in my bag.
It makes me sad to hear you say -


When you attended your meeting today and do your work I will remember not to say to you -


- author unknown

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Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Your opinion please....

I have recently been sent an email which introduced me to Montessorium who are making apps for the iphone and iPad to introduce Montessori materials for children to use on the iphone/ipad.
From what I understand there are 2 apps in the works one is based on letters the other numbers. 
Go to the Montessorium website to read about it in more detail.
I am interested in your views, do you think that the introduction technology like this is a step in the right direction or do you have the opposite opinion and what do you think Maria Montessori would have done with the technology available these days? Would she have embraced it or turned her back on it? How do you feel about the use of computers in the classroom?

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So, what do you think?

Wednesday Round Up

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

An announcement

It takes me quite a chunk of my time to put keep the Goldmine going making the posts obviously is the most time consuming and I have also found that leaving comments on the blogs posts I am going to link to all takes quite a while, especially with the word verification that so many of us use. Today I left leaving comments to do all in one go and I was surprised how much time it actually took. So.... in the future I may not leave a message to say that I will be linking unless it is the first time I am linking to that specific blog. As of yet I have had no complaints from the blog owners in the contributors list so I assume that they (you) are happy to contribute, if you do not want your blog featured in the future, please drop me a line.

the.montessori.goldmine 'at'

I wish I could leave posts on all the blogs I read but I am a WAHM and sadly time is money.

If you have an online store and would like to advertise on the Goldmine please email me for information, my rates are reasonable and the target audience is very specific :o)

Finally, a small request which is not Montessori related, I have entered some of my fabric into a design competition, if you have a few moments, it would make my day if you could vote, the info is over here


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Friday, 4 June 2010

Friday Round Up - You Tube

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Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Free Worldwide Shipping for Books

Living in Japan, the English language books are quite expensive, the books in the book stores are often just the best sellers or aimed at those studying ESL so I used to resort to Amazon, that was, until I discovered The Book Depository!

After a number of disappointing orders with Amazon, them sending the wrong thing or having to wait up to three months for a book to be delivered I was ready to try somewhere new. Many of the books on the book depository are cheaper than Amazon PLUS the shipping is FREE worldwide, that is right, it doesn't matter if you order one or ten books the shipping is still free.

I have added a list of books I recommend to the right plus the book depository badge if you ever want to find the link again, I am an affiliate so if you plan to buy from The Book Depository it would be much appreciated if you use my link, every little helps!

Tuesday Round Up

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