Monday, 10 May 2010

A BIG thank you!

I just wanted to thank everyone who has dropped by and for all the great emails and messages that I have had over the last few days plus a special thank you to everyone who has blogged or passed on the word via FB/twitter etc, it really means a lot to me!

I haven't managed to reply to everyone yet, I have read all your messages and your kind words have touched me, gmail isn't letting me into my account just now, so it might take a while longer!

Regarding submissions, I have a lot of Montessori based blogs in my reader and I am trying to keep the posts varied, some I have bookmarked for a round up like the baby rooms or sensory tubs. I haven't put up a blog roll instead it is a contributors list, as the contributors grow, so will the list. I have a number of French and Spanish language blogs in my reader and a handful of other languages but I would like to add more, so if have your own blog or know of one/some in languages other than English please let me know, of course, new to me English blogs are welcome too!

Once I have got into the swing of things I will put a call out for submissions on a certain topic/area, I am sure a lot of people have got great posts in their archives that are worth sharing.

Finally, if you do visit any of the blogs featured here and you like what you see, then please leave them a comment, it is lovely getting comments out of the blue, you will make somebody's day, I know you will :o)

PS. there is still time to enter the culture box items giveaway, the crafty goods giveaway and the bento goodies giveaway!


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