Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Meet The Sponsors - Mee A Bee

Jacqui from Mee A Bee is one of those people who is a stickler for detail, from the fabric she uses down to the thread, you can be sure she has spent many hours researching to make sure it is the best quality and safe for little ones. Most of the fabric used at Mee A Bee is Oeko-Tex certified which means that they use no dangerous inks, dyes or chemicals in the printing process. Even the straps are safe to chew on, not that you would want to chew on such a cute bag.

Mee A Bee bags are specifically designed for kids, there are toddler bags as well as bags for bigger kids, you can even ask Jacqui for a custom design or size.

What I love about Mee A Bee is the great range of bags for boys! Beetles, diggers, pirates and dinosaurs, what you won't find is the the latest TV characters instead all the themes enrich the child's imagination.

 and there are also some lovely girls bags too, princesses, ballerinas and ladybirds to name but a few, the problem you will have is choosing which design you like most!

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  1. Thank you JoJo! isn't this a lovely surprise feature! All the best with the new website, I'm proud to be part of it as a (lapsed) Montessori mum.


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