Thursday, 20 January 2011

A giveaway* for the QLD flood appeal

The raffle will be open until Wednesday 26th, 9.00am JST as requested by Toni


I am sure you will have heard about the devastating floods in Australia, the area that the floods cover is massive, the size of France and Germany combined, many people have been affected, lives and homes lost, personal horror stories are starting to be told such as the 13 year old boy who sacrificed his own life for his younger brother, and I am sure many more will follow. 
I heard about the flood appeal auctions via Jodie at Ric-Rac, thanks to Toni at Make it Perfect, a group of bloggers have got together to hold auctions, sales, raffles or giveaways*, she will post a master list of all those involved at the weekend.

Many of those involved are from the crafting community of which I feel part of but I also feel part of the online Montessori community and I though it would be good to get the Montessori community involved too. I have a lot of Aussie friends and family who live out there and I know there is a big homeschooling community, I can't bear to think how many children are affected by the flooding for some their whole community washed away in minutes, so please take a minute or two and look around you, now imagine it all swept away.

For my small part I am holding  giveaway*
Please read carefully:

*it is a giveaway with conditions
  • This giveaway is open to everyone no matter where you live.
  • To enter this giveaway you must donate $5 to the Premier's Flood Relief Appeal. International donations are accepted.
  • You may enter as many times as you like but each entry / donation must have a separate receipt number. (eg: donate $5 ten times if you want to donate $50- then comment ten times with your receipt number and yep its a pain in the bum, but that is as fair as I can make)
    A winner win be choose by random generator on March 21st 9.00am JST
After you have done this , return here and leave your comment with your receipt number and an email address so that I can contact you. Please, only leave a comment on this post if you are entering the draw otherwise it cocks up the random generator, thanks.

What do you win?
A bumper pack of all my Montessori PDF files, many of which are for sale in the Goldmine shop others I have put up for free download at some point and some that have never made it off my computer. Totally worth $57.50

Continent 3 part cards, maps and CD covers; parts of bat 3 part cards;
flags of Africa for the puzzle maps; Flags of Africa 3 part cards

fruit 3 part cards; geometric solids 3 part cards;
colour tablets boxes 1, 2 and 3; herbs and spices 3 part cards

knights and castles 3 part cards; knobbless cylinder patterns;
3D knobless cylinder patterns; air, land and water cards

penguin 3 part cards; vegetable 3 part cards
volcano 3 part cards; parts of the farm grammar set

Kyle from Montessori For Living is also offering a 
6 month subscription as part of the prize too.
Please help to spread the word by mentioning the giveaway* on your own blog/twitter/FB/neighbour over the road etc. and lets try and raise as much money as possible for those in need. Also keep an eye on Toni's blog to see who else is getting involved.


  1. As a queenslander, living about 20 - 25 mins from flood affected areas it is heartwarming to see the response and efforts of bloggers like you. Thank you so much.

    I have just done a quick post with some images, we have a long way to go here yet -

  2. Hi! My number is 3162921. I'll write about it on my blog, too. Yasuyo

  3. Hi Jo! I posted this link on my fb page, I hope it helps! Here is my receipt number: 3202637

  4. many thanks for helping out. Receipt 3229156, thanks Clo


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